Fee Schedule

Our minimum portfolio size is $500,000. Our fee schedule is shown below:

Market Value
Annual Fee Schedule
(rates per thousand dollars of market value)
On the first $500,000 $8.00
On the next  $500,000 $7.00
Above $1,000,000 $6.00


As an example, the fee for a $1,400,000 portfolio would be $9,900, calculated as follows:

$8.00 x $500 = $4,000
$7.00 x $500 = $3,500
$6.00 x $400 = $2,400


The fee in this example is equal to 0.71% (or 71 basis points) of the $1,400,000 in assets under management.

Fees are negotiable on accounts where there are special considerations and those in excess of $3 million.

Fees are payable quarterly after completion of services. In most cases, for billing purposes, all portfolios within a family group are pooled together in order to qualify for a lower fee than if treated individually.

As with all financial matters, there are many issues and alternatives to consider. We urge you to review all available options relating to costs and charges for investment counsel, custodian services, brokerage commissions, accounting charges and legal fees. If desired, we will review these with you.